HP Z Series Workstations

hp z series workstations

Are you longing for a perfect workstation that can fulfil your diversified demands? Need a reliable workstation that can help you meet your deadlines? Check out these HP Z series workstations that are empowered with the most advanced and relevant hardware components such as the processors, GPUs, RAM, graphic cards, and storage drives to avail the best user experience you’ve ever witnessed. Our Z series workstations will never disappoint you. You can choose a workstation of any Z model, and they deliver high speeds and better accuracy to your depriving workflows. They are designed to offer outstanding performance and maximized reliability to your software applications and professional works.

We have a cluster of these virtuous HP Z workstations that are tested and certified before stocking in our inventory. Server Basket comes up with the most affordable prices on both the pre-designed and customized HP workstations. These prices will be updated regularly based on the market value to provide genuine prices to our customers. Contact us to know more about our HP Z series workstations and relish the advantages of free installation and technical support, iron-clad warranty, and prompt delivery irrespective of the place you live in the UAE.

Multiple Models of Scalable Workstations

Looking for a single platform that can sell all models of these magnificent HP Z series workstations? Then Server Basket will undoubtedly meet your expectations. We have a great number of scalable HP workstations ready to be deployed of renowned models inclusive of HP Z440, Z420, Z640, Z620, Z820, Z800, Zbook 17 G6 workstation, and many more. People around the world trust our HP Z series workstations more than other choices because of their agility, rigidity, and scalability.

Ideal for 8K Video Editing & Simulation

Does your high-end editing workloads prefer potent workstations for faster and better outputs? Switch to our HP Z series workstations that are ideal for running your 8K video editing and simulation workflows as they are enriched with mind blowing graphic capabilities and impeccable memory along with commendable storage. Now you can simulate your data and edit your images, videos, animations, and other media with desirable speeds to get the outputs exactly how you want.

Powerful Workstations for AI & Machine Learning

Are you in search of ideal workstations for the smooth running of your data-driven companies? The powerful HP Z series workstations will provide you with the power and capacity to compute and run the tools, algorithms, applications, programs, and computations your artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads require. You can expect uninterrupted performance and productivity from these excellent HP Z workstations at all possible times, no matter, however harsh your work seems to be.

Reliable Workstations with Certified Hardware

Server Basket never compromises when they choose the HP workstations. Starting from the barebones, every single inch of these HP Z series workstations is built upon sturdy materials and are engineered with certified hardware components to give the best to its users. Our Z series workstations are highly reliable as they will be subjected to numerous testing procedures in the most pressured environments to make sure that they are credible to deal with variable workloads.

Compatible with Leading Software Applications

Suppose you are in need of an ideal workstation that can cope up with your advanced software applications. In that case, you should definitely opt for the excellent HP Z series workstations that are highly compatible with any of your designing, graphical, editing, simulating, modelling, and other software applications effortlessly. The Z series workstations will improve the efficiency and functioning of your workflows with their best features and help you achieve the superlative outputs you deserve.

Customized Solutions with High-End GPUs

Do you want to buy a workstation that is specced exactly the way you require? The HP Z series workstations available at Server Basket are customized with the most appreciable graphic cards to support, handle, and run your graphical and designing workflows with better efficiency. We will never disappoint you. We customize these Z series workstations with any of the AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, and other high-end GPUs, whichever you desire to keep up with your tedious workloads.

Pre Designed Solutions at Affordable Price

Are you in a rush and need a workstation that fits your work requirements? Server Basket has a load of HP Z series workstations that are pre-designed with ideal hardware and software specifications to support your diversified workflows. These pre-designed HP workstations are priced most affordably and will certainly fall within your budget. Nowhere in the entire UAE you will find the HP Z420, HP Z640, HP Z4 G4, HP Z820 workstation price we offer. Our pre-configured workstations will undoubtedly suffice your workloads.

Installation & Remote Tech Support Available

Is this your first time handling a workstation? Server Basket has a team of trained technicians who are well-versed with the usage and installation of these HP Z series workstations. They will help you with the entire installation process and will make sure that your workstation is fixed & functioning perfectly. If you have any doubts or queries regarding this workstation, our support team will be available 24/7 to clarify them in a snap.

SB Assured Replacement Warranty

Do you want to buy a workstation that doesn’t trouble you with any dysfunctionality? Server Basket is known for its reliability above all. Every HP Z series workstation comes with an unbreakable warranty plan that is assured by the Server Basket. If you face any kind of physical or functional issue with the workstation in the stated warranty period, then you will be availed of an immediate replacement of the faulty hardware that is hampering your works.

Instant Delivery with Multi-Level Packing

Why go for other options while Server Basket can get your HP workstation to your doorstep in the least possible time? As soon as the order is confirmed, we pack the Z series workstation with numerous protective layers and seal them before handing them over to our delivery agents. Our delivery agents are highly experienced and are the best in the entire UAE. They will safely drop-ship the workstations at your desired destination in less than 3 working days.

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