Reseller Dedicated Server

  • High-performance Servers
  • Robust Security Measures
  • Fully Customizable Plans
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel

Starting @

AED 319.00 AED 355.00 (-10%)

A company that provides web hosting to customers using a dedicated server or VM-specific operating system to distribute resources among individual users is known as a dedicated server reseller. Our dedicated reseller hosting service can benefit you and your clients by offering additional bandwidth, CPU power, RAM, and quick SSD storage. Additionally, by doing this, you can prevent issues with CPU, RAM, and storage overage.

Reseller Dedicated Server Hosting Plans:

Plan TypeProcessorMemorySSDData TransferPrice
Dedicated Server-1Intel E5-2620 (6C/12T)32GB DDR3 RAM1TB Storage with Raid 1Unlimited
  • AED. 319/-
Dedicated Server-2Intel E5-2670V2 (10C/20T)32GB DDR3 RAM1TB Storage with Raid 1Unlimited
  • AED. 419/-
Dedicated Server-3Intel E5-2670V2 (10C/20T)48GB DDR3 RAM2TB Storage with Raid 1Unlimited
  • AED. 499/-
Dedicated Server-4Intel Dual E5-2670V2 (20C/40T)64GB DDR3 RAM3TB Storage with Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 619/-
Dedicated Server-5Intel Dual E5-2670V2 (20C/40T)128GB DDR3 RAM1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 3TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 789/-
Dedicated Server-6Intel Dual E5-2696V2 (24C/48T)256GB DDR3 RAM1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 3TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 987/-
Dedicated Server-7Intel Dual E5-2673V3 (24C/48T)512GB DDR4 RAM1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 6TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 1379/-
Dedicated Server-8Intel Dual E5-2696V3 (36C/72T) 512GB DDR4 RAM1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 1729/-
Dedicated Server-9Intel Dual E5-2696V4 (44C/88T)512GB DDR4 RAM1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 2219/-
Dedicated Server-10Intel Dual Gold 6148 (40C/80T)512GB DDR4 RAM1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 2719/-
Dedicated Server-11Dual AMD EPYC 7742 (128C/256T)1TB DDR4 RAM1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 4939/-

Dedicated Server for Reseller Web Hosting

We enable you to start selling web hosting right away. You can decide to resell web hosting on a dedicated server that serves as a mediator between the parent company and the user or consumer. You won’t need to worry about the services because everything will be handled by our team of professionals.

Full Administrative Control with Root Access

You may completely resell the web hosting package to other customers. You will have total root access and command over the server, accessible through SSH, cPanel, or a dedicated server control panel, allowing you to install any software. The required upgrades and updates for reseller hosting are provided by our system administrators.

High Uptime with Reliable Network Connectivity

We can deliver a faultless hosting experience using the same server hosting solution we offer our enterprise clients with to ensure efficiency and stability for your end users. Our reseller hosting solutions are designed for maximum reliability and performance, and they come with adequate resources to guarantee continuous network uptime.

Multiple Data Center Locations

You can supply reseller hosting anywhere, thanks to the global network of Server Basket data centers, and servers all around the world that are tuned for high-performance reseller hosting and quick network speeds. Our numerous data centers enable your users to constantly connect to a server that is close to them.

24/7 Customer and Technical Support

We try hard to provide you with the best experience possible! You can connect to our team for any technological assistance via live chat, phone calls, and emails. Our customer support representatives are available around the clock and provide immediate assistance. All of your questions will be answered within an hour or less.

Customizable Hardware and Software Options

The best thing about unmanaged dedicated hosting is that you can install the operating system of your choice on the server. You can manage, optimize, and configure the OS for the server and customize the server based on the needs of a specific website or application. 

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