CCTV Hosting Services

AED 89.00 AED 98.79 (-10%)

  • High Storage Capacity
  • Easy Remote Access to Footage
  • Encryption for Data Privacy
  • Automated Backup and Archiving
  • Compatibility with Multiple CCTV Systems
  • 24/7 Technical Support Available
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If you want to monitor what is happening in your home, onsite, or office premises in your absence or for security reasons, setting up IP CCTV cameras is a must. CCTV hosting services will let you access your CCTV cameras right from the comfort of your place and from anywhere across the globe by connecting over the internet. No setup or installation is required, it is cost-effective and allows you to manage your CCTV easily. 

CCTV Hosting Services Plans (CentOS):

PlanCPUMemoryStorageOS3 Years Plan
VPS-14 Core8GB RAM200GB (SSD)CentOS
  • AED. 89/ Month
VPS-26 Core16GB RAM300GB (SSD)CentOS
  • AED. 119/ Month
VPS-38 Core 32GB RAM500GB (SSD)CentOS
  • AED. 149/ Month
VPS-48 Core 48GB RAM650GB (SSD)CentOS
  • AED. 199/ Month

CCTV Hosting Services Plans (Windows):

PlanCPUMemoryStorageOS3 Years Plan
VPS-14 Core8GB RAM200GB (SSD)Windows
  • AED. 109/ Month
VPS-26 Core16GB RAM300GB (SSD)Windows
  • AED. 139/ Month
VPS-38 Core 32GB RAM500GB (SSD)Windows
  • AED. 169/ Month
VPS-48 Core 48GB RAM650GB (SSD)Windows
  • AED. 209/ Month

Support and Monitoring for Multiple Cameras

Our CCTV hosting supports monitoring multiple cameras. You can easily monitor the cameras in different locations on your mobile or laptop by entering the IP address in a hassle-free way. The camera will transmit images and videos over the network. You can switch between cameras to monitor the place you want. 

Automatic Software Updates and Patches

You don’t have to worry about the security updates and patches that are applied on the server where you are deploying the CCTV cameras. The IP cameras are kept secure without getting hacked by attackers. With automatic updates, a lot of time is saved for CCTV camera owners. 

Scalable Solutions for Different Business Sizes

The scalable solution offered will be feasible for businesses of different sizes. The scalability and flexibility offered by CCTV hosting services will let the CCTV camera owners move up and down in capacity based on their business needs. You can expand and contract to accommodate your specific requirements.

Customizable Data Storage and Retention Options

The data storage capacity can also be increased. You can retain the CCTV surveillance data on the databases for a long time with the retention options. You can set the retention time up to which you want the CCTV data to expire or get erased. 

24/7 Technical Support and Troubleshooting Assistance

When you are not able to access the real-time CCTV footage or have any issues, you can get in touch with our dedicated technical team who are available through email, live chat, and call. They fix the issue with the IP cameras in no time and put them back to work. 

Redundancy and Backups for Better Data Safety

Our CCTV hosting service includes backing up your data regularly. In case of a disaster, the data would be recovered with just a single click. Your data is highly safe when you are availing of the best plan from the list of CCTV hosting plans available with us. 

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