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Do you want to accelerate your business and search for the right hosting infrastructure for your software applications? You came to the right page because Server Basket provides the best SaaS hosting services, which allows you to store and run your SaaS data and applications. Our SaaS compatible platform enables your customers to access data and software. Choose from a list of available SaaS products and access the full and instant software support. However, our SaaS products are ready-to-use because our team will manage software installations and updates. You can rent SaaS from Server Basket and save money with reduced upfront costs on buying hardware. Our fully managed SaaS solutions give the flexibility to focus on your business growth, not on management applications. We offer migration support for your applications without extra costs and free hosting support.

Ready to Use Software

SaaS hosting is the ideal solution for users who don’t want to take care of updates and installations for software. You get access to full software support from Server Basket with SaaS, which includes the software to be ready-to-use. You need to contact our expert team and provide specific requirements.

Rent SaaS and Save Money

Server Basket offers a lease option for SaaS solutions to avoid investment costs on purchasing hardware and overcome the hassles of installation & upgrading of software. Furthermore, SaaS hosting has the advantage of cost savings with the designed flexible infrastructure based on your precise needs and business goals.

Choose any Versatile SAAS Product

We provide a wide variety of SAAS products, including Candid ARTS Recruiting software, CATS Applicant Tracking software, Biz wiz software, Standard Accounts software, Manager Accounts software, etc. The products from our store are available at the lowest prices compared to other providers in the market.

Multiple Users are Allowed

SaaS hosting supports multiple users, and a multi-tenancy shared model is provided that gives full access to your server or website. Multiple customer alignments have allowed in the data store and connect numerous applications with the partitioned data that ensures security through the separated infrastructure.

Access from Any Location

Your selected software can be accessed using the internet as it has been installed and hosted on the cloud. You can also connect to the software from mobile devices, no matter wherever you are. The SaaS hosting plan allows checking and updating the customers’ details before confirming the real-time sales.

Free Migration Support for SaaS applications

We at Server Basket provide a smooth migration process for your SaaS applications while ensuring security and minimal downtime. Our technical team migrates your applications to Server Basket without any data loss. You don’t have to pay additional charges for availing of migration support services.

Completely Managed SaaS Service

Server Basket offers managed SaaS hosting packages that provide the best solutions for many businesses. With SaaS hosting, you can save both time and money than the traditional IT software infrastructure. Your worries can be overcome with our managed services as our engineers will manage your software solutions effectively.

24/7 Professional Hosting Support

Do you have any issues or queries related to SaaS hosting? You can reach out to our expert team at any time via phone, email, or chat. The certified and experienced technical team resolves your hosting issues immediately and provides effective solutions that help establish a successful business.

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