Cloud Cpanel Web Hosting

cloud cpanel web hosting

Do you want to run and manage your website efficiently that enables the customers to perform various tasks? You can access the maximum benefits of Cpanel hosting services with Cloud Cpanel hosting, which comes with advanced services to automate and manage the operations. Based on your needs and budget constraints, you can select a particular hosting plan to enable the customers to publish websites, create emails and calendars, manage domains, etc. Web hosting plans ensure high security against malicious attacks for the data protection of your websites. These hosting services can adapt the operating systems of Windows and Linux with different upgraded versions. We offer a backup service for your data and need not pay any charges other than the hosting plan price for using higher bandwidth. The hosting plans at Server Basket enable low latency so that customers can access the website easily. We also provide free technical support 24/7 to respond to the issues immediately.

Advanced Cpanel Control Panel

The hosting providers and users can access various advanced features using our Cpanel and web hosting, involving automation of management tasks. It allows a wide range of functions such as access to the files and reporting, server accounts management, automation and backup scheduling, mailing infrastructure management, system monitoring services, data transfers, etc.

Wide Range of Hosting Plans

We provide different types of hosting plans at affordable prices, from which users can choose their suitable plan according to the features and budget requirements. They are budget-friendly, and customers can access the benefits of our control panel. The users can create, manage, and publish the websites and backup and transfer files.

Secure and Reliable Web Hosting

Server Basket provides cPanel hosting featuring reliability and security that helps to protect your website from malware, cyber, ransomware attacks, data thefts, and viruses. We offer various security tools, including pre-installed antivirus, firewall, DDoS, antispam, IPS and IDS protection software systems that enhance the security of your websites and other relevant web applications.

Any Windows and Linux OS Available

The Cpanel hosting plans can support Linux and Windows operating systems. The users can design their customized websites effectively based on their demanding requirements. Some versions for Windows OS are Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008, etc. Linux OS with different versions is Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, etc.

Free Data Backup with no Loss

A free backup service is provided to restore all your data, including business-critical information, using a hosting solution. The control panel offers automatic backups and scheduling on a weekly or monthly basis. It ensures data security and data transfers without any data loss. You can access data and restore it whenever you need it.

No Extra Charges for Bandwidth

Higher bandwidth is another benefit of our hosting plan that allows effective data transfers with users’ traffic—additional costs will not be taken for using more bandwidth to upload or download the web content without any hassles. We do not take any extra prices without considering how much bandwidth you’re using for data accessing.

Low Latency Hosting with 24/7 Support

We provide hosting plans with low latency that allow quick access to websites or web pages. 24/7 technical support will be available for users to resolve the issues instantly. The support services include server management, optimization of the database, security hardening, control panel migration, disaster or hack recovery, upgrades based on client requests, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is Cloud cPanel Web Hosting?

Cloud cPanel web hosting is a hosting on cloud that comes with a pre installed control panel. cPanel is one of the most widely used control panels.with a simple and convenient UI and dashboard.

What are the Benefits of Using Cloud cPanel Web Hosting?

The platform for managing servers and websites that comes with cPanel is the most dependable and user-friendly. It offers website owners a range of advantages, including scalability, stability, performance, flexibility, and security. It also has a robust feature set and customer-first support.

Can I Migrate My Website to a Cloud cPanel Web Hosting Provider?

Yes, it won’t be difficult for us to move your website to a cloud panel. It’s normally rather simple for the support team at your current host if you’re switching to another cPanel host, and you’ll be able to transfer everything in one go.

Who Provides Affordable Cloud Hosting with cPanel in the UAE?

With Server Basket’s top cPanel hosting in the UAE, go online immediately. In addition to simple domain installation, we provide cloud hosting at a reasonable cost. High server performance capabilities are provided by our cPanel hosting platform, making it ideal for hosting websites of any size.

Why Should One Choose Server Basket for cPanel Cloud Hosting Service?

We provide one of the best user experiences you could ever hope for. Also, pick one of the themes that cPanel offers as an alternative. In order to lessen the likelihood of unintentional sabotage, it also features a number of built-in safety precautions.

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